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ROFL!! Best flash I've ever seen!!

It was incredibly entertaining and I loved the Loney Toons style you use for this. It perfectly fits the TF2 style. Including other Valve characters was great as well. What really made this video though was the ending. I've actually made that connection before as well with "Spy" + "Pyro" = "Spyro". Keep making quality videos like this.

Sound clip #4 will NEVER get old!

I also like Shadow of the Awesome, especially the ending XD!!

Just like watching the show, but hella funnier.

Out of all your parodies, this one is your best by far. It's animated the best, the dialog couldn't have been any more spot on, and it was just downright hilarious. Especially Cyborg's lines and the ending. Please make more videos just like this one. Everything here was done right.

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The most interesting flash i've ever seen!

This is so amazing and informative. I never knew that there were things smaller than the atoms and its components. You also reinforced my knowledge of the universe (i took an astronomy class last semester in college). I would definitely use this flash as a educational resource whenever I need to. Finding all this information must have not been easy.

Ever consider making Nintendo DS games?

This game was fun, and the song was very catchy and awesome!! Make more of these.

Extremely good for a 13 year old!!!

I'm almost 15 and I can barely even tween an object. I'm still looking for someone to teach m flash. A fun game by the way, but the graphics need a little work. Graphics is something I excel in.

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This is pretty unique! There's these certain group of notes that play every so often that remind me of the classic Sonic games :)

73Quantum responds:

I hear it now myself, never did before. Thank you for your comments. :)

I'm giving you a 5 for using one of the best beats ever made and for having hella sick flow and lyrics.

Very catchy and groovy, just like the name implies

I instantly downloaded this right when I heard the first 10 seconds, it's so unique. I like the quasi-spanish vibe to this song a whole lot. Keep it up! I wish I was this good at sampling.

I am starting to get involved in the flash community. I have many ideas for flash movies, but I don't know how to make them. I do have the 30 day free trial of Flash though. I'd be happy to be tutored if anyone is willing to tutor me.

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